Living the Lembas Life: Johny Tay

Johny Tay kicks off the Lembas Life series as a magazine editor, marketer, creative, business innovator, policy writer, academic researcher, published fantasy author, venture builder, and startup founder (4 times). We interview him to find out more!


Strange Times, by Gandalf. Which Hobbit are you?

<rant> These are not "strange times", these are just times as they are now. Do you think our times look strange to people 50, 100 years ago? What is normal but what you experience for a certain period? To determine that period as "normal" and everything outside of that as "strange" is mental conservatism and timidity. Get with the times or get left behind. </rant>


The Great Pause.

The Great Pause. The rest of us have been given an Opportunity akin to putting an over-large piece of chocolate in your mouth that's too big to chew but you also can't spit out because you have company. What are you going to do?


STOP! This food is secretly KILLING you!!1one

STOP! This food is secretly KILLING you!!1one DON'T EAT FATS no wait unsaturated fats are good for you eat those don't eat sat fats wait sat fats are good too don't eat trans fats STOP CARBS GO KETO careful of too much protein HERE's what you need the paleo intermittent vegan pescetarian raw plastic Atkins diet that's gonna work WONDERS if you have this superfood kale coconut oil no wait don't eat the coconut it goes on your hair and skin silly by the way carbs are good again as long as you avoid the devil that is sugar and keep swallowing all the bullshit we feed you


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